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How you can become a soccer referee:


Tidewater Soccer Referee Association utilizes Grade 8 or higher USSF Certified Soccer Officials for all matches. All referees who work any matches are paid for the games they work. Referees are paid on a monthly basis.If you would like to become a referee for soccer organization in the area, and are at least 12.5 years of age, please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Click on: http://www.vadcsoccerref.com/
  2. On the left hand side of the page, click on “Registration Instructions” and follow the prompts.
  • The first step will be to register as a “New User”.  This is where you register with U.S. Soccer.  It takes approximately 24 hours after you complete this step before you will be able to go online to register for a course.  You will then be able to go back into the same website and register for a clinic using the link on the left of the page to find the clinics/classes available.
  • The course you will be registering for will be the “New Grade 8 Online Combo”.  (Do not register for Grade 9 certification as the Richmond Strikers do not utilize Grade 9s for any matches.  The courses close to this area will be in the Central District.  Clinics schedules are posted 4-6 weeks out.  You should find one in Richmond almost every weekend in August and February.  During the fall and spring seasons; there may also be one or two offered.
  1. Once the course is completed, contact Tidewater Soccer Referee Association Assignors:
  • Chi Chi Montoya
  • Kathryn Horton
  • Jerald Stanley
  • For more information, and other people to contact, please click here.

The TSRA assignor will ensure that you are assigned to games that match your age and certification level. TSRA is responsible for assigning many numbers of matches in the Hampton Roads Area

If you are already a USSF certified referee and would like to referee games in the Tidewater area, please contact one of the TSRA assignors.