Greetings! My name is Luke Rath and I have an A.A.S. in Web Graphic Design, a B.S. in Technical Management, and an A.A.S. in Telecommunications Management, all from DeVry University. Since graduating in March of 2015 form their Web Graphic Design program, I have continued to learn how to design websites using HTML5 and CSS3 (with a bit of JavaScript and jQuery also). I am very interested in the different ways that WordPress can be implemented, and am excited to see how I can use it to create different website designs for different people. It seems that WordPress will be an excellent platform to use and can serve many various needs depending on what the customer or user is looking for. I am looking forward to seeing how all the plugins and features work together and can make a truly spectacular website.

You can contact me and view my current online portfolio of website and graphic design work, as well as my resume, awards, and letters of recommendation at:




After signing up and registering with Skillsology I began their WordPress course. Their course interface is nice and clean and it seems to be easy to use. Some of the initial information is a bit remedial, but I understand that they are gearing the beginning of this course towards novices of web design and development, so I can appreciate their thoroughness.


Today I learned how to install the WordPress files onto my web server and create a database that WordPress will use for storage. There was an option to do an auto-installation of WordPress from my web hosting provider, but I decided at this point to do a manual installation of WordPress and its files. I also manually created the MySQL database on my web server to be used with WordPress. Everything seems to be working properly and I have already made my second post and have updated the theme. I will be customizing the theme in the future as I learn more of how to do that. I also added an image to the first blog post. After a successful first day I will stop here and pick up with the next part of the course another day.