Today was the third day of the WordPress Course from Skillsology. Today I learned how to install and activate plugins and use widgets.


One of the most powerful features of WordPress is the ability to use the many plugins that are available. These plugins allow users to tailor their site content to exactly what they need. Some plugins are almost necessary, like Akismet, or WP-Spamshield. These plugins stop bots from spamming your WordPress site with disingenuous posts about your site. I did not have this plugin activated and received hundreds of bot spam posts in only a few days. Very annoying…

Other plugins are for allowing your site to look or act differently, or more accurately, to look and act uniquely to your site needs. Some of these plugins include JetPack, Bootstrap 3 Shortcodes, and Simple CSS for Widgets. There are many other plugins that do a vast variety of things, and all have ratings that have been given from the WordPress community. One of the plugins I chose to use for this site was Quote of the Day. You can see an example of this plugin at the bottom of the page. Plugins can be accessed by using the “Plugins” tab in the dashboard menu.


Widgets allow you to use certain plugins throughout your site. they allow these plugins to be added to your header, footer, sidebar, or the bottom of the page. It allows you to use certain plugins in certain places on our WordPress site. The location and availablitiy of these widgets are dependent upon the theme you are using, and/or if you are able to modify the CSS/PHP properly to get the site to look and work the way you wish. Widgets are accessible as a submenu in the “Appearance” section of the dashboard menu.