This is what I learned on the first day of the WordPress Course taught online by Skillology:



After signing up and registering with Skillsology I began their WordPress course. Their course interface is nice and clean and it seems to be easy to use. Some of the initial information is a bit remedial, but I understand that they are gearing the beginning of this course towards novices of web design and development, so I can appreciate their thoroughness.


Today I learned how to install the WordPress files onto my web server and create a database that WordPress will use for storage. There was an option to do an auto-installation of WordPress from my web hosting provider, but I decided at this point to do a manual installation of WordPress and its files. I also manually created the MySQL database on my web server to be used with WordPress. Everything seems to be working properly and I have already made my second post and have updated the theme. I will be customizing the theme in the future as I learn more of how to do that. I also added an image to the first blog post. After a successful first day I will stop here and pick up with the next part of the course another day.