jQuery Plugins

jQuery plug-ins:

jQuery plugins are the various programs that are made using the jQuery library to perform wonderful functions on your website. Some of these functions include animation, some provide calculation, others provide forms and input for you to use. There are many different plugins available and the repository for them it growing more every day. One of the great things about using jQuery is the vast amount of plugins that are freely available. Many people have developed these plugins to perform various functions on websites. This has not only created cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, but has also allowed designers to use these programs which save them time in development. Since web developers do not have to “re-invent the wheel” they are able to use this time much more effectively in the application of their designs instead of the mechanics of their code.

If you would like to access these plugins please visit one of the sites linked below or you can do a search on any good search engine for them:

One thing that does need to be taken into account is that these plugins are not just “plug-and-play” programs. You still need to know the theory behind the jQuery and JavaScript to get these plugins to interact successfully with your website and its objects and selectors.

In our next section we will experiment more with a jQuery plugin called "Cycle" and use some of the many effects that are available for use.

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