MindWorks Design Studio Graphic Design Projects

Here you will find some examples of recent graphic design projects completed by the MindWorks Design Studio. These designs include posters, logos, and animated logos. Please click on the image to see a full size version, or to see the logo animations.

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Dasiy Grow Animation

Logo Designs

Process Piece Development

VizCom Original Sketch
VizCom Logo - Type 1 - Step 1
VizCom Logo - Type 1 - Step 2
VizCom Logo - Type 1 - Final
VizCom Logo - Type 2 - Step 1
VizCom Logo - Type 2 - Step 2
VizCom Logo - Type 2 - Step 3
VizCom Logo - Type 2 - Final

Process Piece Examples

Above is an example of the process taken to create two logos. Originally the logos were sketched, then they were developed using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. There are two variations of this logo, although the same basic structure is used for each. The colors of this logo needed to be red, blue, and yellow and needed to represent a new product of wireless eyewear. The letters "V" and "C" were stylistically developed into the logo, which also represents a person, as well as the wireless radio waves. Originally the design inculded a blue iris, but this was taken out due to the strange impact it added to the design.

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